Foxy Cartapaglia.

Recommended by Gambero Rosso.

Foxy Cartapaglia is the special kitchen towel made adding to the production recipe pure straw cellulose.The strength that conveys to the paper the typical anti-crumbling feature, together with the technology applied, make Foxy Cartapaglia your best ally in the kitchen. For this reason, Cartapaglia is the kitchen towel selected by Gambero Rosso.

The Foxy Cartapaglia Master jumbo-roll version is even more practical and efficient. One roll contains 150 sheets, equal to 3 standard regular, and the sheets are larger compared to normal kitchen towels.

Now, Cartapaglia e Cartapaglia Master are microwave oven safe.


  • Decorated 2-ply kitchen towels.
  • With straw cellulose.
  • Ideal in the kitchen.
  • Pack sizes: 2 rolls, jumbo-roll.

Your best ally in the kitchen.

Recommended for fried foods. Ideal with everything.


  • Mono Roll
  • 2 Rolls